Many years ago, we envisioned establishing schools, health centers, and a home for the orphan. A place where we can help less fortunate children of our society by providing education, health care, and a home as well as giving them a brighter future. It would also create job opportunities for potential Liberians.
Faith in Christ must be applied to all areas of life.
God's Word has the answers to individual and world problems.
Present Christ in all subject matter.
Have each child develop world life view with Christ as the focal point.
Create opportunities for learning for the less and under privileged children,
Give these children a safe space to grow and mature into responsible adults with a brighter future and a sound education.
Hope For Liberia is a Christian institution, dedicated to a continuing tradition of excellence in an ever-changing world.
is a safe and supportive environment.
provides a relevant, high-quality education.
prepares our diverse student body for future endeavors.
honors achievement.
promotes pride in ourselves, in our school, and in our communities.
establishes/builds as many schools as possible for easy access to our children, typically marginalized and excluded based on socioeconomic status and geography.
create opportunity for employment and empowerment for Liberians.
contributes to the SDGs 4, breaking the circle of illiteracy and poverty through education as a proven vehicle for sustainable development.
HOPE For Liberia